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"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

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The Sweet Outflow of the Life of God

I am a foreign student at Canterbury University. I turned to Jesus in Kazakhstan few years ago but my preoccupation with study, work prospects and friends prevented me from growing in Him. I had a faith in Christ but I felt uncomfortable to tell this to my friends-unbelievers and never dared to say about that in front of local people professing Islam. I felt quite lonely during the first weeks in New Zealand. Being a communicable person, I searched for people to talk to, I looked for friends. God did not let me wait long.

Soon I met Christians on campus, whose sincerity, kind actions and Love to God impressed me deeply. Saturday meetings with Christians on campus were time to touch God with all my heart; every time I would call on the Lord my heart would be filled with His sweet Spirit and I would leave from the meetings with even more "thirsty heart" for Him. Reading and discussing the Bible at the meetings were giving me chances to know God's Word better and to find keys to all my questions. I came to understand that our sinful nature has led us to become sinful people. And the honest and gracious lives of Christians are the spontaneous outflow of the life of the God, and that the Holy Spirit is the Christians' unseen teacher and leader.

The time I spent with Christians on campus gave me an excellent opportunity to grow in God and to become ready to share my faith with my family, friends and neighbours.

GK - Christchurch, New Zealand

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