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"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

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Enjoying the Riches of the God's Word

I spent five years at the University of Canterbury. I completed my undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering in 2000 but continued my education and completed the Masters course in Fire Engineering in 2001. From there I went on to work for nine months. I had grown up in Christian family, but God was not real to me. It was a thing my parents had and I just went along with it.

It wasn’t until my fourth year, final year of undergraduate studies, when I started to question God, all the things He had done and if He was indeed real. I still recall where I was when I was questioning Him. Through these questionings I came in contact with other Christians at the university. They were students my age and so could understand what I was talking about in respect to life. Through talking with the other students a way was opened up and the Bible was reintroduced into my life. It seemed like a totally new book. They showed me things in the Bible which seem obvious when one looks back at it now. By attending the meetings of Christians on Campus, I started to enjoy the Word of God and the riches which it held began to be unlocked.

God is sovereign and has shown me that all things are under His hand, all situations. Through these situations I have experienced and enjoyed many things.

To this day I still thank the Lord for what He has brought me through and what He will bring me through. This year I have decided to attend a Bible School so that I may learn more about the God who loved all men and desires them to come to the full knowledge of the truth.

Morehu - Christchurch, New Zealand

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